How To: Transfer Land Title in the Philippines

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Date Started: April 4, 2010
Date Ended: June  29, 2010

This is a personal account of how I transferred a land title in my name. I hope it can serve as a guideline so you will not be at loss in the whole process.

I started my date when I had the DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE notarized. The notarization fee is usually 0.1% of the amount stated in the Deed of absolute Sale.

I proceeded the next day to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to get the check list and assessment of Capital Gains and Documentary Stamp. I had to make an amended return 22 days after because the Revenue District Officer miscalculated the zonal value. Zonal value is higher when you are transferring a unit in a subdivision or a unit in a condominium.

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